City of San Rafael

Four candidates are running for two seats:  Kate Colin, Maribeth Bushey Lang, Greg Brockbank, and Randy Warren.  Maribeth Bushey Lang and Randy Warren were not available for interviews.

 Kate Colin

[youtube_video id=6r_5FUCGTU0]

Q1- 0:00     Q2- 0:56     Q3- 3:08      Q4- 4:02      Q5- 6:18      Q6- 7:09      Q7- 8:36


Greg Brockbank

[youtube_video id=BNIj065FzEE]

Q1- 0:00     Q2- 0:38     Q3- 5:39      Q4- 6:53       Q5- 9:39      Q6- 13:46      Q7- 15:35

Written by the
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