Town of Corte Madera

Four candidates are running for three seats:  David Kunhardt, Carla Stone Condon, Michael Lappert, Diane Furst.  Carla Stone Condon and Michael Lappert did not respond to interview requests.

David Kunhardt

[youtube_video id=e18wGni8s84]

Q1- 0:00     Q2- 0:12     Q3- 4:15     Q4- 6:35     Q5- 7:42     Q6- 9:29      Q7- 11:07

Diane Furst

[youtube_video id=javhBMfPoCE]

Q1- 0:00     Q2- 0:56     Q3- 3:46      Q4- 5:35      Q5- 6:34      Q6- 7:24     Q7- 8:59


Written by the
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