Board of Supervisors – Novato, District 5

Two candidates ran for one seat in the June 3, 2014 primary: Judy Arnold and Toni Shroyer. Judy Arnold won the race by 194 votes, 50.72% to 48.93%, in a hard fought campaign over misuse of taxpayer moneys in the areas of computer systems, pension and slush funds. Representation issues arose related to “conflict of interest” campaign contributions from lobbyists and developers. Please scroll down to view their interviews during the campaign.

District Map

District 5 includes the City of Novato and the unincorporated areas of Bel Marin Keys, Loma Verde, Black Point, Green Point and Indian Valley – with the exception of some areas of Western Novato.

Job Description

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative and executive body of county government, they also hold quasi-judicial powers.  Their primary responsibility is to oversee the function of county government.

The powers and duties of the Board of Supervisors include: preparing the county budget and appropriating funds; levying county taxes; appoint members of various boards and committees.  The board passes all ordinances that govern the county and is responsible for seeing that all ordinances are properly enforced.  They adopt the budget, set employee salaries and direct a wide variety of services to county residents.  They also oversee the municipal services of unincorporated areas of the county.

Supervisors must be able to listen to the needs and concerns of the citizens of the district they represent.  Members of the board do not only propose ordinances concerning their districts, their decisions affect the county as a whole as well.

Minimum Qualifications

  • United States citizen
  • 18+ years of age
  • Registered Voter in their district
  • Resident in legislative district

Preferred Qualifications

Successful Candidates will likely have these additional qualifications, experience and/or skills:

  • Communication skills including verbal and written
  • Policy development and review
  • Negotiations and debate
  • Management and organizational
  • Budget and resource allocation

Representatives with legislative and policy expertise combined with the knowledge of the budgetary process that facilitates the appropriate allocation of common resources for the benefit of community members tend to be effective governmental administrators. Such an individual will likely address the needs of the citizens of their specific geographic district, as well as the citizens of the entire county.

Organizational and Financial Matters

  • Budget: $372 million general fund and $462 million total funds
  • Members: 5 Supervisors, one for each of the 5 districts in the county of Marin
  • Length of term: 4 years
  • Authority: Article IV, California Constitution
  • Salary: $107,300

Judy Arnold

  • Professional Experience: Political Aide
  • Governing Experience: Marin County Supervisor, District 5; past Novato City Councilmember
  • Education:  B.A., University of Kansas

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Toni Shroyer

  • Professional Experience: Businesswomen
  • Governing Experience: Public Activist
  • Education: B.A., U.C. Los Angeles; coursework, U.C. Davis; Teaching Certificate, Sonoma State University

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Written by the
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