Marin Healthcare District

Six candidates are running for three seats on the Marin Healthcare District board including Larry Bedard, Evelyn Foster, Jennifer Hershon, Jennifer Rienks, Joe Salama, and Michael Whipple. Please see the interviews of Larry Bedard, Evelyn Foster, Jennifer Rienks, and Michael Whipple below. Joe Salama and Jennifer Hershon declined to participate.

District Map

Marin’s Healthcare District encompasses all of Marin County except Novato and portions of West Marin.

District Purpose/Organizational Matters

The District, a subdivision of the State of California, operated Marin General Hospital until 1985, when the facility was leased to Marin General Hospital Corporation, which is now an affiliate of Sutter Health. The District’s current role includes oversight of the lease of the Hospital, advocating quality healthcare at the Hospital and in Marin County and providing a forum for public input regarding health related issues.

Voters in this election will determine whether to authorize leasing the hospital for another 30 years to a nonprofit corporation that is overseen by the district board and district candidates are choosing sides. Three candidates (Bedard, Rienks, and Whipple) support the lease and the two-tiered governing structure, while another three (Foster, Hershon, and Salama) oppose the lease and the proposed governing structure.

Job Description

The District’s Board of Directors oversees management of the Marin General Hospital property, affairs, and funds of the District.

Minimum Qualifications

A member of this five member Board of Directors must be a registered voter in the District.

Preferred Qualifications

    Successful Candidates will likely have these additional qualifications, experience and/or skills:

  • Communication skills including verbal and written
  • Policy development and review
  • Negotiations and debate
  • Management and organizational
  • Budget and resource allocation

Representatives with policy and/or financial expertise combined with the knowledge of healthcare processes that facilitates the appropriate allocation of health resources for the benefit of community members tend to be effective board members.


Larry Bedard

  • Professional Experience: Emergency medicine consultant
  • Governing Experience: Marin Healthcare District
  • Education: B.S., M.D., University of Michigan

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Evelyn Foster

  • Professional Experience: Personnel Director, Levi Strauss & Co.; Small Business Owner in women’s health
  • Governing Experience: None
  • Education: B.A., University of San Francisco

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Jennifer Hershon

  • Status: Declined to participate
  • Professional Experience: Nurse Director, Surgical Services; Interior Designer
  • Governing Experience: None
  • Education: B.S., M.D., Walden University


Jennifer Rienks

  • Professional Experience: Public health researcher, University of California, San Francisco.
  • Governing Experience: Marin Healthcare District
  • Education: B.A., University of Connecticut; PhD., U.C. Santa Cruz

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Joe Salama

  • Status: Declined to participate
  • Professional Experience: Litigation Attorney
  • Governing Experience: None
  • Education: B.A., U.C. Berkeley, J.D. Boston University


Michael Whipple

  • Professional Experience: Certified Public Accountant
  • Governing Experience: San Rafael Planning Commission; Marin General Hospital audit committee
  • Education: B.S., Golden Gate University

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Written by the
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