Marin Municipal Water District, Division III

Two candidates are running for one seat in the November 4, 2014 election for MMWD, Division 3, including Larry Bragman and Liza Crosse. See Liza Crosse’s interview below. Larry Bragman declined to participate.

District Map

District III includes San Geronimo Valley, incorporated Fairfax plus unincorporated Fairfax neighborhoods, portion of San Anselmo not including north west area, Ross, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Kent Woodlands, and portion of Larkspur north of Corte Madera Creek and west of Highway 101, portion of Larkspur south of Corte Madera Creek and west of Bon Air Road and west of Skylark Road, watershed land lying north of Fairfax-Bolinas Road or contiguous with towns in Division III and up to Division IV boundary.

District Purpose/Water Resources

The Marin Municipal Water District provides high-quality drinking water to 186,000 customers in central and southern Marin County. Seventy-five percent of our water comes from more than 21,000 acres of protected watershed on Mt. Tamalpais and in the grassy hills of west Marin. Rainfall from these watersheds flows into one of MMWD’s seven reservoirs. This reservoir water is then treated at one of the district’s potable water treatment plants before traveling to customers’ homes and businesses.

Twenty-five percent of MMWD’s water is imported from the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA). SCWA water originates from rainfall that flows into Lake Sonoma and Lake Mendocino and is released into the Russian River. The Russian River water is filtered naturally through 80 feet of sand beds adjacent to the river. The Russian River water is blended with MMWD’s reservoir water in the distribution system.

The storage as of October, 2014 is 94.81% or 49,579 AF of the average storage of 52,290 AF for this period.

Job Description

The District’s Board of Directors oversees management of the Marin Municipal Water District watershed, property, affairs, and funds of the District. The five-member board of directors governs our district, with each director elected to represent one of five geographic areas. The directors serve overlapping four-year terms. The board establishes policy on the district’s mission, goals, and operations. It represents the general public in deciding issues related to water supply. The board also has the authority to adopt ordinances that have the force of law within the district.

The board reviews staff recommendations and decides which policies should be implemented in light of the district’s mission and goals. The board also monitors the implementation of its policies. The board appoints a general manager to supervise all district operations.

Minimum Qualifications

A member of this five member Board of Directors must be a registered voter in their respective geographic Division within Marin County.

Preferred Qualifications

    Successful Candidates will likely have these additional qualifications, experience and/or skills:

  • Communication skills including verbal and written
  • Policy development and review
  • Negotiations and debate
  • Management and organizational
  • Budget and resource allocation

Representatives with policy and/or financial expertise combined with the knowledge of water and land requirements and demands that facilitates the appropriate allocation of water resources for the benefit of community members tend to be effective board members.

Future Drought / Housing Development Considerations

The MMWD is considering importing desalinated water from Richmond by potentially creating a pipeline across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Crosse favors exploring this option as a long-term drought scenario and noted that building a desalinization plant in Marin would be “extremely expensive.” Bragman is opposed to such a plan since it would fundamentally change the face of Marin County by decoupling development from the watershed.


The Board of Directors derives its authority from the U.S. Constitution, California State Constitution, California Water Statutes, and the MMWD Code.


Larry Bragman

  • Status: Declined to participate
  • Professional Experience: Litigation Attorney
  • Governing Experience: Fairfax Town Council member
  • Education: B.A., University of Pennsylvania; J.D., University of San Francisco


Liza Crosse

  • Professional Experience: Political Aide
  • Governing Experience: Lagunitas Creek Technical Advisory Committee; MMWD Water Rates Advisory Committee
  • Education: Queenwood Ladies College, Sydney, Australia

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Written by the
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