U.S. Representative, District 12

Two candidates are running for the 12th Congressional District in the November 4, 2014 election including John Dennis and Nancy Pelosi. Please scroll down to see the interview with John Dennis below. Nancy Pelosi declined to participate.

District Map

California’s 12th Congressional district encompasses the entire county of San Francisco.

Job Description

A member of the House of Representatives is an elected public official who represents the district that elected them to office in congress. Their primary responsibility is to participate in the legislative branch of the United States government.

Members of congress propose laws, write tax codes, regulate both domestic and foreign trade, maintain a fully funded military and vote to declare war on other nations when it is proposed by the president. Members of congress are appointed to committees that best serve their personal knowledge or the district that they represent.

A House member is the voice of their district in the U.S. government. With the average House member representing 700,000 people, they must stay in touch with their constituents to be able to be aware of their opinions and needs and advocate for them in Washington. House members must be able to have the skills to write and propose bills, raise revenue through taxes, listen to expert testimonies on pieces of legislation, and be able to cooperate in bipartisan committees as well as joint committees with senate members.

Minimum qualifications

  • 25+ years of age
  • U.S. citizen for the previous seven years
  • Resident in state

Preferred qualifications

Successful Candidates will likely have these additional qualifications, experience and/or skills:

  • Communication skills including verbal and written
  • Policy development and review
  • Negotiations and debate
  • Management and organizational
  • Budget and resource allocation

Representatives with legislative and policy expertise combined with the knowledge of the budgetary process that facilitates the appropriate allocation of common resources for the benefit of community members tend to be effective governmental administrators. Such an individual will likely address the needs of the citizens of their specific geographic district within the state, as well as the citizens of the entire country.

Organizational and Financial Matters

  • Budget: $3.9 trillion
  • Members: 435 House members plus 6 non-voting members
  • Length of term: 2 years
  • Authority: Article I of the United States Constitution
  • Salary: $174,000


John Dennis

  • Professional Experience: Foundation Real Estate, Founder; Humanscale, Cofounder
  • Governing Experience: Voter and candidate volunteer
  • Education: B.A., Fordham University

[youtube_video id=”twXt0SV6ThQ”]


Nancy Pelosi

  • Status: Declined to participate
  • Professional Experience: U.S. Senate intern
  • Governing Experience: U.S. House of Representative, District 12
  • Education: B.A., Trinity College

Written by the
Elect California Team