ElectCalifornia is focused on enabling California voters to elect the best representatives to govern our resources because everyone is affected by the choices that are made. All too often after the public votes they ignore that they are going to be affected by the choices that are made. Nothing has been available to help voters make the best choice until now.

Our collective purpose with the candidates is to identify the best individuals for the position. These potential public servants will be able to connect with the voters through our videos. Voters will have an opportunity to see and hear from each of them.

We have over 80 team members and a few institutional partnerships. After three election cycles we are looking to expand our team and partnerships. Join us. Follow us @_ElectCA.

KPIX Interview
[youtube_video id=”-uScKKZWiq0″]

Our goal is to facilitate a process that will enable the election of the most qualified, dedicated and caring people.  Hopefully these newly elected or reelected representatives will become effective government administrators that will govern our common resources fairly for the benefit of all individuals in our community.

Counties participating and preparing for the November 4, 2014 election include Marin and San Francisco. We have interviewed the candidates running in San Francisco’s and Marin’s November 4, 2014 races, including Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, Marin Healthcare District, Marin Municipal Water District and Sausalito City Council. In the June 3, 2014 Primary, we spoke with candidates for Marin’s Board of Supervisors, State Assembly, State Senate and House of Representatives. In October, 2013 candidates in ten of Marin’s city and school races joined the discussion.

We appreciate the participation of the candidates we interviewed. The community is invited to learn more about their unique skill sets and develop some impression of the candidates on a more personal level through the attached one-on-one conversations.

Click below for candidate interviews related to the November 4, 2014 election as well as the highlighted races on the front page, including House of Representatives, the California State Legislature, Marin Healthcare District, Marin Municipal Water District and Sausalito City Council. The Election Results for the Marin June 3, 2014 primary, issues and candidate interviews are posted as well.

Board of Supervisors

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California State Legislature

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House of Representatives

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